The Countdown

Nearly time to start again.  A new year, a new challenge, a new hobby.. er, is blogging a hobby?  I say yes.  Regardless, it’s how I want to spend the next 12+ months.  Talking about clothes, mostly, and probably a dash of food chatter, cosmetics, hair.  basically anything light and flighty I feel needs a good venting.  Nothing life-altering or pivotal. just levity.

So, The Challenge – I aim to give up PANTS for one year.  hot or cold, rain or shine.. no pants shall pass. period.  Over the next few weeks, I will box each and every pair of easy jeans, chinos, slacks, and trousers I own, and hide them deep in the recesses of my garage for as long as I can stand it.

What the devil is wrong with a nice pair of designer legs, you might ask if you were still reading?  I’ll explain, best I can.

For me, comfy pants have come to represent all that’s meh about my life.  It’s the easy road. lazy way of schlepping out into the world to deal with the already-way-too-humdrum tasks a day brings.  They’re at the hub of giving up.  They invite bad company like Merrells and Hanes underwear.  They welcome in baggy sweaters, sporty totes, cotton ankle socks.. their phlegmatical approach to style is widespread and rarely uplifting.

My hope, in giving them up, is to gain something back. reclaim a pinch of grace and poise.  Not to mention the scads of skirts and dresses haunting my closet from a former career life.  Things I’ve saved for the next workplace I’ve yet to land in.  I’m just tired of waiting for when.  I want to wear those nice pieces again and feel excited about finding new additions!  Shopping (and cooking, come to think of it) has fallen into survival mode.  I want the joy back.

And if you follow along, you might find your own Pants by year’s end.  The drab, tired thing keeping you from living in all CAPS!  maybe it’s the green hoodie with the curry stain on the cuff. or the boyfriend.  Toss them to the curb and see if you implode. it’s unlikely.

Ok, I’m off to think. actually a bit nervous when it comes to real action. just bought a new pair of Jambu Himalayas:( but yes, clear cry for wardrobe intervention!

this better work.


2 Comments to “The Countdown”

  1. Love the idea. Looking forward to future posts!

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