Naked In The Rain

Slow start this morning. gray and cold in the city.  San Francisco cold, but still.  Crawled out of bed 15 mins late and pulled on The Ugliest oversized sweatshirt evar (a’ la Old Navy). seriously, it’s custom ugly.. washed and worn until the softest possible level of distress, then turned inside out for maximum smooth.  No patience for pantsless fuss.  I just wanted to be warm and I am. time left to digress.

But that tattered rag didn’t go over my head without a second thought.  Everything I slip on lately comes with a super annoying reminder “only three more weeks of sloveny goodness”.  which is definitely for the best, but yes, annoying.  I want to be comfortable, especially at 7:15AM. without all the metal nagging.

So now, naturally, I’m mulling over lame details. like, are leggings pants? can I wear them under a gown to stay toasty?? doesn’t sound like cheating, but it feels slightly lazy. guess I should just go with tights.  But thankfully, the dilemma isn’t likely to throw the earth off its axis.

Tho a couple of DEAR friends;p have pointed out a few snags that might rattle a girl’s confidence.  Running and Sleeping.  two of my favorite things.  The solutions to both fall on opposite ends of cool.  Sleep is easy.. several choices of appropriate (and better yet, inappropriate!) nightgowns lay waiting to snooze me thru 2011.  but RUNNING. jeepers, people, the horror.  The Sport Skort might somehow squeeze it’s eff’d up, bipolar-blended Lycra into my workout dresser.

but I’ve yet to commit to that one in my head.  I mean, what’s the point of cleaning up your slacker style if you then choose to jog into GG park looking like an uptight Marin housewife? next I’ll be wearing a bright pink Lulu earwarmer and matching gloves.  er, not that there’s anything wrong with that. heh. hmmm.

Anyway, I really unlike the exercise options. Can’t decide if I should just write in a secret proviso and keep all my running gear safely tucked away. HOW WILL YOU KNOW??;)

Regardless, the rest sticks. All pants, including PJs (aaaaaarrrggg!), and ok maaaaybe possibly workout togs, must go by Jan 1. I’m doing it.

So, Monday will kick off a week of sorting and boxing! and I’m stupid excited about the change.

Back in a couple..

Happy weekend, folks!


4 Comments to “Naked In The Rain”

  1. lined tights from Target. They’re awesome. Will keep you warm (at least in California) when you wear skirts in the winter.

    • I definitely need more tights, but I’m not loving the idea of having my feet fully encased all winter. think I’ll keep my footless tights to wear under nightgowns. Sounds less like cheating than leggings;)

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