Don’t Panic

Ok, my prep time for the big week of packing pants was preempted last night, by the Walking Dead finale.. a little insight into why I’ve fallen off the style wagon.  But whoa, worth it!  That show makes Sunday nights almost dread free.

Anyway, while watching, it dawned on me.. zombie madness would be WAY more complicated in a skirt (er, as in survival, not corpse wear).  Predators definitely affect wardrobe planning. and as we’ve established, I do not wish to be caught undead in a Skort.

So, I’ve ferreted out a few apocalyptically appropriate selections to be stored in your bug-out bag, in the event.  Proving, once again, there’s never a solid reason to resort to flannel. Why further depress the situation.

First, daywear.  This is actually something I would go for on any random Thurs.  Simple and clean.

Younger prey might prefer..

evening ’round the fire.

Formalwear.. never know.

Now go forth with NO excuses;)

Wait! Lastly (ranty spoilers), I’m a bit disappointed that pouty Andrea person didn’t blow herself up.  Anyone who loots a mermaid necklace (instead of, oh I dunno, a LEATHER JACKET!) for her adult sister deserves to burn.  Maybe if you’d made it home for a Christmas or two, you’d have noticed the Ariel posters were long gone.  And nearly as bad, you let her turn! Go with the mercy bullet a minute sooner, will ya.

Families should talk about these things.


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