so, B2B Costumes. quickly realizing the limited number of choices for running.

You’re pretty much restricted to VERY short skirts or risk a nasty road rash. can’t be too flowy or complicated.  And that basically just leaves the “sexy” selections. which, I wouldn’t complain about were I (eh hem) somewhat younger, but cmon.  Isn’t the skort embarrassment enough?? why add Head Nurse Halter to the list.

It’s the same around Halloween. you’re faced with WALL of WENCHES. and maybe if everything wasn’t made from the absolute sh!ttiest fabric known to goblins, I’d half consider the Totally Mad Hatter because whoa.. crazy works in certain situations, but 7am in the middle of the Embarcadero? not so sizzly.

regardless, I gotta pick something. Rainbow Bright could work. need to think on it.


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