get it ripe, get it right, get it tight

Tights have taken over my winter routine. Rarely a day passes without a pair saving me from frostbite on a 50* morning in SF. heh.  So I thought I’d share my love/hates.

Favorite, by far, is Banana Republic… particularly the Chevron pointelle.  Nice fit and they breathe. plus they’re not the usual opaque.

Next, HUE is a solid staple.  I like their heavier Modal blends, but the waistband goes a bit wacky after a few washings.  Still, they’re very warm.  My cream pair often plays the part of PJ pants under drafty nightshirts.

Next, I’d go for Calvin Klein.  They’re nothing remarkable, except that I like the paper-thin waistband.. pretty much nonexistent, actually. looks smooth under clingy dresses.

Lastly, I have to hate on Target.  I know, but eesh. Their Merona tights are freaky.. they stretch in weird places. Plus, I put my finger straight thru a new pair during an ugly battle for even coverage.  I knew there’d be trouble when I held them up.  They looked like two deflated utters, and not in a hot way.  They just don’t hold up.

Generally, I go for tights shaped like a leg rather than the strange sausage version.  If they’re constructed with a sock-type foot, they usually fit better than the stretchy-tube brands.  CK doesn’t do the foot shape, but they’re long and skinny, so they shape to your leg nicely.

So, there ya go. My 2c on leg skins:)


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