December 14, 2010

Princess Tutu

Tonight I’m off to see the San Francisco Ballet perform the Nutcracker!  And I must say, this skirt is doing it for me.  If I were 8, I’d toss a proper fit until it landed under the tree.

Guessing it’d feel far less magical in the produce section of Safeway, but! I’d be more apt to twirl through my day.  Might make Tuesdays more fun;)

Happy Sugar Plums!

December 13, 2010

Mad About Mod

So, I’m sort of obsessed by ruffley tiered or layered skirts this season. Not that I’ve worn many, but still. I like the look.  Something about the frilly details feels excessive, in a good way. extravagant! maybe.  Regardless, it’s a thing, and I must have this one.

December 12, 2010

Street Spirit

Finally ordered the dreaded Skort. Maybe it’s the unword what bugs me.. or the ‘ort’. Makes your mouth do ugly things.  I’ll go with ‘jogging skirt’.

have to admit, I don’t HATE it.  Just seems a little on the too-far side to bother. But in my head, it’s sorta preventative.  Having access to running pants invites me to lounge around or run errands before working out.  Unlikely I’ll be tempted to stop for a soy latte in one of these;)

December 11, 2010


so, B2B Costumes. quickly realizing the limited number of choices for running.

You’re pretty much restricted to VERY short skirts or risk a nasty road rash. can’t be too flowy or complicated.  And that basically just leaves the “sexy” selections. which, I wouldn’t complain about were I (eh hem) somewhat younger, but cmon.  Isn’t the skort embarrassment enough?? why add Head Nurse Halter to the list.

It’s the same around Halloween. you’re faced with WALL of WENCHES. and maybe if everything wasn’t made from the absolute sh!ttiest fabric known to goblins, I’d half consider the Totally Mad Hatter because whoa.. crazy works in certain situations, but 7am in the middle of the Embarcadero? not so sizzly.

regardless, I gotta pick something. Rainbow Bright could work. need to think on it.

December 10, 2010

Ackin Like Thay Drunkk

k, lighter mood, obviously;)  Time to start moving forward with Christmas and pantless plans for 2011.

Sooo TODAY! I registered for the 100th running of Bay to Breakers! and I’m more than a little excited.  What better way to celebrate the Year of Legs than with a nekkid event. not to imply Yours Truly will be all skin out, but it’s definitely a golden op to wear something other than the usual lycra capris.

The real wig splitter tho, is WHAT??! it’s gotta be fun, colors n sparkles, and maybe a cape. er, no cape. MAYBE fur? dunno. but I gotta be able to run in it.  I picked corral A this year (whoa.) and I’ve yet to run that fast. ever.  2010 brought me in at 1:08:29 and that’s pretty much the best time I’ve managed so far. but I’m hopeful because..

First – once I lock on it’s done.  I’ll do it, or file my feet down to nubs trying.

B – I just bought a FAB home gym!  not crazy fancy, but still awesome, imo.  Body Solid G6B with.. (best part) a LEG PRESS!!!  is it weird that I get a little flushed when I think about it?  what, I like exercise. it’s a thing.

lastly, I’ll have a friend with me. and his half-effort will blow me off the pavement, so I gotta step it up.  it’s not fair tho. his legs are roughly the length of ME, but still. he better at least look winded when we finish. fake it!;p

anyways, I’m drifting. Costumes! I’m wearin somethin happy. must have skirt, must be bendy/stretchy, must not make me look like Stay Puft.

sounds like a fun web shopping weekend:) post my faves!

December 8, 2010

Dapper Dad

Too frustrated to sort clothes today.. and a little melancholy.  Naturally, Big Life Things tend to put pants in their place.  So, I’d rather just ramble on about my dad’s style instead. it’s worth noting.

I rarely recall seeing my father looking anything but meticulously arranged.  Always cleanly shaved and neatly pressed, on most every occasion, including beach holidays (srsly).  The man likes to groom.  Not obsessively, but he takes pride.  Ushering a Mad Men quality of flair into modern decades, when tucked shirts are considered dressin up!  pristine habits, to say the least.

Wasn’t until we were grown would he consider wearing sneakers. and I still remember the first pair of ‘short pants’ we sold him on. He eventually conceded to the softer polo for casual afternoons (still gotta COLLAR!;) But even in retirement, he never loses the polish.  His dedication to clean living comes across in the smallest details. a nice belt, neat manicure, a fresh cut. it’s all there.

He’s a man’s man. quiet and gentle.  a dad who makes certain his three girls know exactly how awesome they are. heh.

and he does it all with zing;)

December 7, 2010

Bottoms Up

but only coffee in my cup. bout to tear this dresser up… ok, I’m done.

Digging in!  bedroom’s a mess but the progress feels good.  Wow tho, I just keep findin pants, they’re everwheres.  So far I’ve counted 14 jeans! why do I wear the SAME 3 pair each week??

and I’ve yet to start on the closet.  way more work than anticipated.

Always nice to have pet support tho. Clearly he approves;)

December 6, 2010

Don’t Panic

Ok, my prep time for the big week of packing pants was preempted last night, by the Walking Dead finale.. a little insight into why I’ve fallen off the style wagon.  But whoa, worth it!  That show makes Sunday nights almost dread free.

Anyway, while watching, it dawned on me.. zombie madness would be WAY more complicated in a skirt (er, as in survival, not corpse wear).  Predators definitely affect wardrobe planning. and as we’ve established, I do not wish to be caught undead in a Skort.

So, I’ve ferreted out a few apocalyptically appropriate selections to be stored in your bug-out bag, in the event.  Proving, once again, there’s never a solid reason to resort to flannel. Why further depress the situation.

First, daywear.  This is actually something I would go for on any random Thurs.  Simple and clean.

Younger prey might prefer..

evening ’round the fire.

Formalwear.. never know.

Now go forth with NO excuses;)

Wait! Lastly (ranty spoilers), I’m a bit disappointed that pouty Andrea person didn’t blow herself up.  Anyone who loots a mermaid necklace (instead of, oh I dunno, a LEATHER JACKET!) for her adult sister deserves to burn.  Maybe if you’d made it home for a Christmas or two, you’d have noticed the Ariel posters were long gone.  And nearly as bad, you let her turn! Go with the mercy bullet a minute sooner, will ya.

Families should talk about these things.

December 3, 2010

Naked In The Rain

Slow start this morning. gray and cold in the city.  San Francisco cold, but still.  Crawled out of bed 15 mins late and pulled on The Ugliest oversized sweatshirt evar (a’ la Old Navy). seriously, it’s custom ugly.. washed and worn until the softest possible level of distress, then turned inside out for maximum smooth.  No patience for pantsless fuss.  I just wanted to be warm and I am. time left to digress.

But that tattered rag didn’t go over my head without a second thought.  Everything I slip on lately comes with a super annoying reminder “only three more weeks of sloveny goodness”.  which is definitely for the best, but yes, annoying.  I want to be comfortable, especially at 7:15AM. without all the metal nagging.

So now, naturally, I’m mulling over lame details. like, are leggings pants? can I wear them under a gown to stay toasty?? doesn’t sound like cheating, but it feels slightly lazy. guess I should just go with tights.  But thankfully, the dilemma isn’t likely to throw the earth off its axis.

Tho a couple of DEAR friends;p have pointed out a few snags that might rattle a girl’s confidence.  Running and Sleeping.  two of my favorite things.  The solutions to both fall on opposite ends of cool.  Sleep is easy.. several choices of appropriate (and better yet, inappropriate!) nightgowns lay waiting to snooze me thru 2011.  but RUNNING. jeepers, people, the horror.  The Sport Skort might somehow squeeze it’s eff’d up, bipolar-blended Lycra into my workout dresser.

but I’ve yet to commit to that one in my head.  I mean, what’s the point of cleaning up your slacker style if you then choose to jog into GG park looking like an uptight Marin housewife? next I’ll be wearing a bright pink Lulu earwarmer and matching gloves.  er, not that there’s anything wrong with that. heh. hmmm.

Anyway, I really unlike the exercise options. Can’t decide if I should just write in a secret proviso and keep all my running gear safely tucked away. HOW WILL YOU KNOW??;)

Regardless, the rest sticks. All pants, including PJs (aaaaaarrrggg!), and ok maaaaybe possibly workout togs, must go by Jan 1. I’m doing it.

So, Monday will kick off a week of sorting and boxing! and I’m stupid excited about the change.

Back in a couple..

Happy weekend, folks!

December 2, 2010

The Countdown

Nearly time to start again.  A new year, a new challenge, a new hobby.. er, is blogging a hobby?  I say yes.  Regardless, it’s how I want to spend the next 12+ months.  Talking about clothes, mostly, and probably a dash of food chatter, cosmetics, hair.  basically anything light and flighty I feel needs a good venting.  Nothing life-altering or pivotal. just levity.

So, The Challenge – I aim to give up PANTS for one year.  hot or cold, rain or shine.. no pants shall pass. period.  Over the next few weeks, I will box each and every pair of easy jeans, chinos, slacks, and trousers I own, and hide them deep in the recesses of my garage for as long as I can stand it.

What the devil is wrong with a nice pair of designer legs, you might ask if you were still reading?  I’ll explain, best I can.

For me, comfy pants have come to represent all that’s meh about my life.  It’s the easy road. lazy way of schlepping out into the world to deal with the already-way-too-humdrum tasks a day brings.  They’re at the hub of giving up.  They invite bad company like Merrells and Hanes underwear.  They welcome in baggy sweaters, sporty totes, cotton ankle socks.. their phlegmatical approach to style is widespread and rarely uplifting.

My hope, in giving them up, is to gain something back. reclaim a pinch of grace and poise.  Not to mention the scads of skirts and dresses haunting my closet from a former career life.  Things I’ve saved for the next workplace I’ve yet to land in.  I’m just tired of waiting for when.  I want to wear those nice pieces again and feel excited about finding new additions!  Shopping (and cooking, come to think of it) has fallen into survival mode.  I want the joy back.

And if you follow along, you might find your own Pants by year’s end.  The drab, tired thing keeping you from living in all CAPS!  maybe it’s the green hoodie with the curry stain on the cuff. or the boyfriend.  Toss them to the curb and see if you implode. it’s unlikely.

Ok, I’m off to think. actually a bit nervous when it comes to real action. just bought a new pair of Jambu Himalayas:( but yes, clear cry for wardrobe intervention!

this better work.