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January 17, 2011

Hope You Like Jammin Too

Yes I do Mr. Marley, thank you.  BUT under no condition will I EVER jam with anyone on this level.

The internets rarely compel me to recoil in shock these days, but when I tripped over this one, my hands instinctively covered my neck.  I couldn’t bring myself to click on all of them. rage and confusion flooded in.

WHhYYY would you do this?? what pleasure is derived? who.. and where?  How does this meeting start?  What eff’d up individual wanted to live this dream??  How do you even bring it with up with your sigother THEN drag K9 into it?!!  there should be laws.

Obviously, it upset me. so I had to share.

December 8, 2010

Dapper Dad

Too frustrated to sort clothes today.. and a little melancholy.  Naturally, Big Life Things tend to put pants in their place.  So, I’d rather just ramble on about my dad’s style instead. it’s worth noting.

I rarely recall seeing my father looking anything but meticulously arranged.  Always cleanly shaved and neatly pressed, on most every occasion, including beach holidays (srsly).  The man likes to groom.  Not obsessively, but he takes pride.  Ushering a Mad Men quality of flair into modern decades, when tucked shirts are considered dressin up!  pristine habits, to say the least.

Wasn’t until we were grown would he consider wearing sneakers. and I still remember the first pair of ‘short pants’ we sold him on. He eventually conceded to the softer polo for casual afternoons (still gotta COLLAR!;) But even in retirement, he never loses the polish.  His dedication to clean living comes across in the smallest details. a nice belt, neat manicure, a fresh cut. it’s all there.

He’s a man’s man. quiet and gentle.  a dad who makes certain his three girls know exactly how awesome they are. heh.

and he does it all with zing;)