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February 15, 2011

get it ripe, get it right, get it tight

Tights have taken over my winter routine. Rarely a day passes without a pair saving me from frostbite on a 50* morning in SF. heh.  So I thought I’d share my love/hates.

Favorite, by far, is Banana Republic… particularly the Chevron pointelle.  Nice fit and they breathe. plus they’re not the usual opaque.

Next, HUE is a solid staple.  I like their heavier Modal blends, but the waistband goes a bit wacky after a few washings.  Still, they’re very warm.  My cream pair often plays the part of PJ pants under drafty nightshirts.

Next, I’d go for Calvin Klein.  They’re nothing remarkable, except that I like the paper-thin waistband.. pretty much nonexistent, actually. looks smooth under clingy dresses.

Lastly, I have to hate on Target.  I know, but eesh. Their Merona tights are freaky.. they stretch in weird places. Plus, I put my finger straight thru a new pair during an ugly battle for even coverage.  I knew there’d be trouble when I held them up.  They looked like two deflated utters, and not in a hot way.  They just don’t hold up.

Generally, I go for tights shaped like a leg rather than the strange sausage version.  If they’re constructed with a sock-type foot, they usually fit better than the stretchy-tube brands.  CK doesn’t do the foot shape, but they’re long and skinny, so they shape to your leg nicely.

So, there ya go. My 2c on leg skins:)

January 19, 2011

toucha toucha toucha

Found this today and there’s nothing I don’t LOVE about it. cute, flirty, smart.. pure Skirting It material.

But mostly, it reminds me of Emma Pillsbury and she is the best OCD fix on TV, imo.  Wasn’t thrilled about the Gleeified Rocky Horror covers, but dammit Janet! sweet Emma saved them all.  She’s a lot of crazy packed into a great wardrobe. definitely crush worthy!:)

January 14, 2011

Time To Get Unglamorous

Ok fine. I was reeeeally dreading the skort.  The sheer uselessness of adding a flap of fabric to Hot Pants falls pretty far outside a town I consider worth visiting. BUT! darnit, I’m happy I gave em a try.

Skorts have turned into the Girl Talk of workout wear. fun and unexpected.  Great to pull on for hours of procrastinating before a jog.  Plus, I’m more apt to do countertop dips and kitchen yoga while waitin around for that 300 calorie bagel to pop up.  which makes me rethink the whole ‘properly dressed around the house’ issue.  It’s just dumb to vacuum in $20 tights, so the skort is earning its keep.

oh and yes, great for running. heh. The extra layer helps with the cooler weather. Keeps my natural insulation well insulated.

So, suck it inner fashion voice!  I’m relaxin.

January 2, 2011

This is tha remix

Wow. January. so hey, you’re early.

Ran fresh out of patience for listening to my own head voice for bloggy type stuff over the mad holiday week.  Don’t know if I can stand myself for 365 days of this, actually.  tho 2 down! heh.

Thankfully, I’m right on track with the better wardrobe focus.  Successfully made it 48 hours sans pants!  and December was a nice way to switch over.  My reservation at Foreign Cinema did all I hoped and more.  Felt great wearing a new dress and the dinner was lovely! highly recommended.. esp, for a date. lots of cozy nooks and warm candles.

I do think this month will be more challenging.  January is made for layers of flannel.  and Harley was SO right, giving up warm pajamas is the toughest.  I kept my furry Conan boots on all evening yesterday, which did nothing for the favorite nightshirt and tights.. sort of Jen Aniston plays Valeria. non hot.

So now I’m on the hunt for a less humiliating solution for toasting my freezing toes. I am NOT a fan of the fat-footed fluffy slipper.. always hated how your feet look like they’re being partially digested by two house cats. ack!  gotta shop.

oh! and I did my first skort run with beaming pride today (tho my time was not that of a Hyrkanian archer;).  It was a looong 2 miles, but I did it.

and I did it in a skirt:)

Happy New Year Bloggers!

December 17, 2010

Crystal World with Winter Flowers

Turn my days to frozen hours.  ba-duh-duh

right, so I’m not lovin the thermal look, but hey, Tahoe and all. Some of the comments are golden tho. I like the Noisy! post “sounds like old granny sweats”. heh, sold!

December 15, 2010

Ticket Taker

Woke this morning with all the sparkly dancers still in my head.  Amazing performance!  Made me want to eat sugar straight from the bowl. So, yes, great evening! heh

Anyway, back down to earth to sort clothes. glug, huge project.  I had no idea. It’s basically like reorganizing a not-so-hip boutique.  Think maybe I was a shopping hoarder in my past life.  keep finding things with tags attached.. which, awesome deal on a great Claiborne dress! but what the heck?  Why have I never worn it??

The easiest answer.. the right occasion didn’t pop up and smack me.  But then, boyhowdy! let’s make one.  I mean, why not Open Table myself a reason to wear that dress!:)

So, I reserved a cozy patio spot at Foreign Cinema for the 23rd.  I’ve never been. Might be a bit too themed for my taste, but I’m curious.  AND they’re playing Spirited Away.  Win!

December 14, 2010

Princess Tutu

Tonight I’m off to see the San Francisco Ballet perform the Nutcracker!  And I must say, this skirt is doing it for me.  If I were 8, I’d toss a proper fit until it landed under the tree.

Guessing it’d feel far less magical in the produce section of Safeway, but! I’d be more apt to twirl through my day.  Might make Tuesdays more fun;)

Happy Sugar Plums!

December 13, 2010

Mad About Mod

So, I’m sort of obsessed by ruffley tiered or layered skirts this season. Not that I’ve worn many, but still. I like the look.  Something about the frilly details feels excessive, in a good way. extravagant! maybe.  Regardless, it’s a thing, and I must have this one.

December 12, 2010

Street Spirit

Finally ordered the dreaded Skort. Maybe it’s the unword what bugs me.. or the ‘ort’. Makes your mouth do ugly things.  I’ll go with ‘jogging skirt’.

have to admit, I don’t HATE it.  Just seems a little on the too-far side to bother. But in my head, it’s sorta preventative.  Having access to running pants invites me to lounge around or run errands before working out.  Unlikely I’ll be tempted to stop for a soy latte in one of these;)